Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Resource for Writers

Hello again, you fabulous people! Well, well, well, what a productive blogging weekend this is turning out to be for me.

I have a gift for you people out there in internet-land, from an aspiring writer to other writers....

If you're already a super-organized writer, then this gift is a little less useful; but I suspect that many of you, like me, need a way to map the contents of our messy minds so that our writing can make sense to ourselves throughout its various stages of completion. A useful combination of a bookkeeping method, a map, and a set of guidelines--preferably concise, attractive, and versatile.

This gift is a way.

Note that just before "way" in the previous sentence is "a", not "the", or heaven forbid, "the only". Every writer has their own best way of processing and organizing information. For some of you, it may even work best to purposefully disorganize your information and scatter pieces of it in many different places, if this helps you make creative connections between the pieces that you wouldn't have otherwise realized. And that's okay. And this gift is still for you anyway, just in case you want to try something new.

And here it comes: The gift is...

.....A Writer's Organizing Page!

Using it enables you to generally organize an entire work of writing on one page! That's right, one page. Only one page. 

However, here's the second disclaimer: the Writer's Organizing Page is not magic. If it were, I would sell it and make a fortune to pay for college, while instead I sit here giving it away for free.

It does not automatically organize and micromanage every little detail of your work. It is not an instant solution to a draft that is little more than a brainstormed list of phrases. It is not a solution to an essay that is little more than a few disconnected sentences with quotes in between. It will not do the thankless tasks of thinking and writing for you, as much as I wish it could.Using the page might even make you work harder as a writer, but in the process it will also make you work smarter.

A good general guideline is that the longer and more complicated your work of writing is, the less help the Writer's Organizing Page will be to organize your own thoughts, although it will still be a great help in making you look more organized to people with whom you're sharing your work. Ideally, you would use it during your pre-writing planning process, to make your future work clearer and more productive. Additionally, I find in my own writing that one planning page can effectively organize about 20 pages at most, so feel free to expand beyond one page if you need the space.

Below is the Writer's Organizing Page! If you copy-paste it with its original formatting into a word doc, omitting either section 1. or 2. as applicable, it should be one page long, in a slightly more readable size of font.If you encounter glitches, please let me know so that I can fix them.

If you'd like a pre-formatted blank version of the Writer's Organizing Page instead, fancy heading included, please email me and I'd be happy to send it to you for free as an attachment.

Thank you, and happy writing!


Writer’s Organizing Page
Working Title:



Date Started - Date Last Revised:             -                         

Estimated Word Count (If you are unsure about the estimated word count of your work, enter an estimated number of pages instead, designated by a “P” following the number):

Author of Original Work (For Fanfiction/Direct Response to another Source):

For a work of fiction, please complete this section only.

Intended Audience and Purpose:

Blurb (Do not exceed 50 words):

Main Character/s:

Major/ Recurring Character/s (if applicable):

Minor Character/s (if applicable):


Works cited (if applicable):

Additional Notes:

For nonfiction, please complete this section only.
Intended Audience and Purpose:

Thesis Statement/Blurb (Do not exceed 50 words):

Topic Sentence/s (if applicable):

Works cited (if applicable):

Additional Notes:

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All rights reserved. Please email the author at to request publication permission.

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