Saturday, February 25, 2017

Apologies, Announcements, and Alliteration

I'm sorry that it's been quite a while since the last post. I could make up a list of excuses as to why, but I'm pretty confident that most of you wouldn't find such a list all that interesting. So I'll refrain.

We've been preparing for some awesome things on The Danger of Dreams beginning in March, but routine things have fallen by the wayside in the meantime. Well, here's to picking up the pieces and carrying on.

Thus, feast your eyes on two exciting guest post announcements for the upcoming months!

1. March--Anna Groover of Girl with the Binder! (link here:
Anna is an amazing writer and a great friend of mine. She's always willing to listen to my rants and talk about anything and everything, imagined or otherwise :) She'll be addressing the topic of Inspiration and taking her own unique spin on what it means and how we as writers harness it. I'm definitely looking forward to her posts!

2.August--Yovela Ng of Matcha Melodies! (link here :
Yovela is an equally amazing friend and writer. As an Indonesian-American who has had experience living in both the States and, presently, in Indonesia; she's got a unique perspective on life that she'll be sharing over the month of August. With Indonesian Independence Day happening on August 17, August will be an 
especially fun month on The Danger of Dreams.

I'm looking forward to our journey throughout 2017 on The Danger of Dreams; and I hope you'll join me for these fantabulous guest posts! 



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